A roundtable discussion with industry experts about the art and science of video, film and post production.

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On this Episode of That Post Show, we are proud to have Mike J. Nichols, Paul Zadie and the amazing Steve Cohen on the show. We discuss the skills, other than editing, required to be an Editor. We talk about software, hollywood and too many other topics to list.

This show was edited on Adobe Audition CS 5.5 -- because Maggie McFee and John Foster said they loved Adobe Audition and I believed them. You be the judge of it's quality of sound.

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Alternate Titles

  • By hook or Crook
  • Started as a hairdresser
  • A Hammer Carpenter
  • No Art without Craft
  • No Art in the Ether
  • Supposedly Easy Learning Curve
  • Blessed by Somebody
  • Nobody to hide behind
  • The Biggest Dongle of All

Kanen Flowers

Kanen is the madman behind Scruffy Thinking. He writes a blog, writes code and generates too much content for one sane person. You can follow him on twitter. You can also check out his media company at Scruffy.TV.

Mike J Nichols

The creator of 2 Guys Drinking At a Bar starring Kevin Farley and Paul Preston. Mike has been featured in Wired Magazine and is the man responsible for The Phantom Edit - an unauthorized re-edit of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Steve Cohen

Emmy and Eddie Award winning editor and non-linear editing pioneer, he was the first person to use an Avid on a studio feature film, the first chairman of the editing department at the American Film Institute and the first publisher of the Editors Guild Magazine. He is the author of two books on Media Composer, including the recently released Avid Agility. He blogs at Splice Now

Paul Zadie

Paul is an editor of commercials, movies and short films. He's the ultimate Editor and knows his way around Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, After Effects and everything else. He calls himself a "Motion Picture Artist" and nothing could be more true.


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Song Lyrics

2012... A new year... That Post Show - Hosted by Kanen,

We know about films, we know about effects, we have skills to share and reflect

on.. post production, visual effects, guests with mad skills chattin' for thrills.

Norman Hollyn, the shnit man sees, Paul DV, unleashing zombies, Steve Cohen, the Avid Master, Ron Brinkman, interface caster, Mike Nichols, last days and phantom, Scott Simmons, Nashville awesome.

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Show Notes

You should go listen to Ruining it for Everyone right now.

Paul likes the Thinktank Backpack. I looked at the Shoulder Bag and it looks great for camera gear. I've always loved the STM Messenger and -- of course Timbuk2.

Norman wrote The Lean Forward Moment and it's even on the Kindle. Of course, so is Avid Agility which is a must-own.

We also mention the Go Pro 1080p camera, which is under $200 on Amazon.

There are no other show notes, other than this: I call crime procedurals "Semen in the Ketchup" shows, because my friend John D calls them that.

Also A Squirt of Dopamine

Squirt of Dopamine