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Kanen sits down with Mary Poplin and Angie Taylor to help reboot Scruffy Thinking. They talk about all sorts of other things outside of post like LARPing, punk rock, gender roles, marriage, and more!

The Editor

This episode was edited by Kristin Martin. Kristin started in audio post production and music production, but now works on a variety of projects as a sound and picture editor, technologist, motion graphics artist, and more recently, working with visual effects and color grading. You can follow her on twitter @KristinCMartin.


We all know DVD Region Encoding is terrible, but don't let websites geographically limit you! Hide Your Ass! Kanen recommends the film Zero Charisma. If you need better passwords, XKCD can help. Across the pond the BBC show Clangers is coming back. Kanen's music recommendation of the week: "True Love" by Pink. Angie Taylor on The Influence of Punk Rock and The Women of Punk Rock.

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Kanen Flowers

Kanen is the Creative Director (and troublemaker) behind That Studio, which includes That Post Show, Ruining it for Everyone, Sci-Fi Idols, Not Just A Movie and Hero Punk. He is also the Writer and Director of Jake Forgotten. You can follow him on twitter.


Mary Poplin

Mary is an LA-based CG artist, painter, actress, and Product Specialist for mocha Pro. Say hi on twitter and check out some of her demos.

Angie Taylor

Angie is an artist, animator, and author based in Brighton, UK. She lectures at colleges, does video training, and even tours with companies like Adobe as a product specialist. You can see all the amazing things she does over at her website, and say hi on Twitter @theAngieTaylor.

Show Notes

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Poplin Taylor

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