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This episode of Scruffy Thinking features a candid conversation with Christopher M Harrington, better known as @octothorpe on Twitter and the Interwebs. We continue our discussion from the previous show.

This episode doesn't go through Levelator, because @frankjonen thinks it lame. You tell me if the audio is better or worse by contacting me.

If you like the new intro song and want to record one of your own, send one to us! We'd love to feature your intro song on the show.

Alternate Show Titles

  • T for Two
  • Sparrow!
  • Awesome if you're Jason Fried
  • 4 Hour Catchphrase
  • Some stimulants may be required
  • Big Ups


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Kanen Flowers

Kanen is the troublemaker behind Scruffy Thinking. He writes a blog, writes code and generates too much content for one sane person. You can follow him on twitter or check out his company at Scruffy.TV.

Christopher Harrington

Better known as @octothorpe on Twitter, Christopher Harrington (or CM as he prefers) is a highly opinionated senior information architect and user experience designer. He builds stuff, takes pictures, drinks beer, and occasionally gives people a hard time. He's from Korea, but sounds like he's from Cambridge... and not the one near Harvard.

Musical Accompaniment

Various artists. Contact us for information.

Show Notes

Kevin MacLeod offers free to use music for all kinds of things, including podcasts. He's the awesome.

Cursing in Mandarin on the show Firefly.

The hot girl from Burn Notice who blows shit up.

John Foster is awesome.

Matt Wagner's Grendel was originally Hunter Rose, which can be found at my uses this or The Setup "interview."

Star Trek: The Next Generation remastered trailer. With a side-by-side comparison.

Ruining it for everyone is a freaking awesome podcast.

Tangent Café

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