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On this Pro Video Coalition episode of That Studio Show Scott Simmons talks with Woody Woodhall about Los Angeles Post Production Group, how picture editors can properly prepare material for mix, and the awesomeness of iZotope RX 4.

The Song

This episode features excerpts from the That Studio Atmospheres package which includes 50 custom-created atmospheres for film and television, by award-winning composer, Jesse James for only $99.

The Editor

This episode was edited by Kristin Martin. Kristin started in audio post production and music production, but now works on a variety of projects as a sound and picture editor, technologist, motion graphics artist, and more recently, working with visual effects and color grading. You can follow her on twitter @KristinCMartin. Oh, and she loves iZotope RX 4, too.


Periodically we will have Scott Simmons on as our host to go into a deep conversation with the author of a Pro Video Coalition article to go even further than what you read. Enjoy!

If you're in the LA area (or even if you're not!) the Los Angeles Post Production Group is worth a look! We're all 'rock star' editors of course, but we could all learn something from Scott's 28 Days of Editing Tips. We should also all be familiar with the CALM Act and LKFS. I'm sure all the audio people already know this, but iZotope RX 4 is amazeballs.

Here are some of Woody's articles mentioned in the episode:

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Scott Simmons

Scott has worked on projects ranging from music videos for Taylor Swift to television programs for CMT and ABC Sports to commercials, documentaries and corporate work. Scott also runs the popular post-production blog The Editblog on Pro Video Coalition and is currently his own boss, putting his skills to work as a freelancer. He is @editblog on Twitter.


Woody Woodhall

Woody is an award-winning re-recording mixer working at Allied Post Audio. He also founded Los Angeles Post Production Group and has a great book called Audio Production and Postproduction. Check out his Pro Video Coalition channel and say hi on Twitter @woody_woodhall

Show Notes

Show notes are brought to you by Matt Christensen. Check out his finishing and color work at mchristensen.net and say hi on Twitter @_mchristensen.

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